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GNLL Division Structure for Spring 2021 incorporating 50/70:

50/70 “real rules baseball” baseball was voted by the GNLL Board to be implemented in Spring 2017. 50/70 stands for the dimensions of playing diamond. A traditional Little League diamond maintains a 46 ft pitching distance and 60 ft base paths known as a 46/60 diamond. With 50/70, the Intermediate Baseball diamond maintains a 50 ft pitching distance and 70 ft base paths.


Intermediate 50/70 Division: 13 year Olds only

League Age 13 year olds are elgible to play in the Intermediate 50/70 League. 13 year olds will play 50/70 all season and interleague with other 50/70 teams all season. 13 year olds will participate in an Intermediate 50/70 Tournament at the end of the season. GNLL will have the option to offer an Intermediate 50/70 All Star team. Please see changes to the 2021 Little League age chart for 13 year olds on the Rules and forms tab.