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GNLL Snack Shack is CLOSED FOR FALL!  Check back with us in the Spring!!

All proceeds go to the GNLL to help reduce the cost of play for each child.  As a reminder, the registration fee only covers about half of the cost to run the league.  We count on sponsors and the concession stand to help cover the other half of the operating costs, so we don't have to double our registration fees.  Please support the league by volunteering to help keep it open on week nights and Saturday mornings.  One hour of your time goes a long way, even if you just can help for a little bit before or after your child's game.  Usually they have to be there early anyways, why not come help out for a few minutes?!  #volunteers #volunteersarecool

Hours (if volunteers available):

  • Monday-Friday - 5:30 - 7:30                             
  • Saturdays - 8:30 - 12:30                                     

Concession Stand Specials

  • 50% off on Snack Day tickets for those who Volunteer
  • Weeknights
    • $4; Hot dog, Chips & drink (add chili for .50)
    • $4; Slice of Pizza & drink
  • Saturdays
    • $6; Ham, egg & cheese on croissant with drink
    • $2; Muffin and Coffee/drink