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To ensure the safety of the players as well as coaches please see the rules below adopted by the City of Naples for the use of Fleischman fields during the current 2021 Baseball season. These will go into effect immediately.

Please note: Programs/Facility Usage may be postponed, suspended or canceled depending on the level of COVID-19 community spread, documented cases within the City/County, and documented cases among program participants, coaches and volunteers.

If you have any questions please contact Micaela, the League President at 


1. If the participant shows or reports any signs or symptoms of flu, they will be sent home and a doctor’s note is required to clear them to participate in team practice and games. **If your child has a fever or has had a fever within 24 hrs and/or cold/flu-like symptoms, please keep them home.
2. If a participant has had a documented case of the COVID-19 infection, or has had direct contact with someone that has, a doctor’s note is required to clear them to participate in team practice and games.
3. All activities will be staggered/spaced out to minimize interactions with other athletes.
4. Avoid unnecessary contact such as handshakes, high-fives, hugs etc.
5. No sharing of water, towels, and personal equipment to eliminate cross contamination.
6. Participants must bring their own water bottles and must be clearly labeled.
7. Participants should provide their own equipment, as much as possible.
8. Leagues will be responsible for communicating these procedures to their teams.
9. Social distancing (6 ft. minimum) is recommended during explanations, breaks and on sidelines.
10. Leagues may have additional safety protocols which is acceptable if they do not interfere with any of the above listed protocols, unless approved in advance by the City of Naples.
11. These guidelines have been developed in accordance with CDC, FHSAA and FLDOH recommendations and have been adopted for the City of Naples Athletic
The guidelines are the most up to date and have been determined to be best practices in terms of mitigating the risk of COVID-19 spread amongst student athletes and will be revisited and updated as needed.