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All Stars Nomination Process

Greater Naples Little League All-Star Selection Process Outline

The intent of the Greater Naples Little League (GNLL) Board is to field an All-Star team that will best represent our League in competition and character. GNLL believes that it is important to have a selection process that is transparent and fair to all players. All of the players shall have an opportunity to make the team regardless of popularity, school affiliation or parental influence.

The All-Star selection process will involve several steps (detailed below) and once approved by the GNLL Board, the rosters will be announced based on the dates set forth in the current Little League (LL) Rules and Regulations. Once finalized, the rosters will be submitted to the District Administrator.

Nomination: Little League Managers will nominate the All-Star Player Candidates from their team and the other teams in their division. The Player Agent, with oversight from the President, or designee, shall create a ranked list of players. Player Candidates are evaluated and nominated on multiple criteria with these ideals in mind:

- Performance, skill-level and ability to compete

- Attitude, hustle, team spirit, team leadership

- Sportsmanship, overall character and integrity

The All-Star team’s selections are completed on the basis of these criteria and on the needs of the All-Star teams (i.e. are there adequate catchers and pitchers, and other key positions represented).

Confidentiality and Oversight: The nomination process is facilitated by the League President and assisted by the Player Agent. All nominations from Managers are submitted anonymously 3-4 weeks prior to the prescribed announcement date of the All-Star teams. The results (selection order, etc.), and Manager Deliberations about the prospective Player nominees, are strictly confidential. The President, Player Agent, Nominating Managers, and All-Star managers shall refrain from discussing any Player Candidate nominations or rankings outside of the nomination process and the selection meetings.

Final Team Configurations: After Initial Player Candidate Selections have been completed and the final recommended slate of nominated Player Candidates for each All-Star team is submitted to the President, the Player Agent, President and All-Star team Managers shall have the authority to select the All-Star teams for their respective age groups

The Board of Directors and the President of the League shall hold a meeting to verify the player selection process was conducted in a fair manner in adherence with these guidelines and LL rules to ensure the integrity of the selections. Final All-Star team’s player selection shall be approved by a majority of the board of directors at the time of the meeting. Board members shall refrain from discussing any Player Candidate nominations or rankings outside of the nomination process and selection meetings.

When deemed necessary, the President,  the Player Agent, the All-Star Managers and the Board of Directors can call for Try Outs to manage any issues surrounding fielding the team.

Manager and Assistant Coach Selection Process: All-Star Managers shall be a rostered Manager or Coach during the regular season for the level they wish to manage. Any regular season Manager or Coach may “manage down” and manage an All-Star team at a lower level but Managers may not “manage up” into a higher division or age group.

The Selected Manager is allowed to choose two assistant coaches, provided that each Coach is a rostered Manager or Coach during the regular season and meets all other eligibility requirements. Selection as Manager or Coach does not guarantee inclusion of the Manager’s or Coach’s child on the team. All-Star teams may only have three adults in the dugout during games: the rostered team Manager and two rostered Assistant Coaches.

The Board of Directors and the President of the League shall hold a meeting to appoint the All-Star Managers. The Board will verify the final decision to accept the Selected Managers and the Selected Manager’s recommended Assistant Coaches. Final coaching selections shall be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors at the time of the meeting

Eligibility: Player Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the Official LL Rules and Regulations. In general, a Player Candidate must participate in 60% of the regular season games to be eligible for All-Star nomination by the regular season Managers of his/her respective division.

All players must meet all the RESIDENCE AND SCHOOL ATTENDANCE PLAYER ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS and have all the ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PROOF required by Little League International. All players must meet all the PROOF-OF-AGE REQUIREMENTS and have all the ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PROOF OF BIRTH DATE required by Little League international.

Player Commitment: The All-Star commitment runs from the middle of June to potentially mid-August. Players are expected to attend six practices a week (or as scheduled by the Manager) before the start of tournaments and will attend all games. Any potential conflicts known in advance MUST be noted on the All-Star application. Players who are absent from All-Star games or practices may be removed from the team by the Manager with approval from the President.

The Player and Parent must agree to a high level of commitment to All-Stars. Although GNLL recognizes that many Players participate in additional leagues and sports. All-Star Players must bear in mind that their first commitment is to the GNLL team before any other Non-Little League team or to any other sports camps or sports teams during the All-Star Season. A Player’s availability will be considered when selections are made.

Disclaimer: This Document is for the individuals and parties included in this document. This document is also strictly an attempt to outline the GNLL All-Star Selection Process to all the members of GNLL. This document shall under no circumstances be considered a document (legal or otherwise) that holds any of the individuals or parties mentioned in this document responsible for any or all actions taken in respect to the All Star process.

The GNLL All-Star Selection Process is a work in progress subject to changes at any time approved by the Board of Directors.


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